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About CY Films

Since our establishment in 2017, Shanghai CY Films Co., Ltd. prioritises the creativity development and production process of independent projects focusing on social issues, with a touch of aesthetic. For 5 years, our departments of Development, Production, and Creative Investment are committed to inject commercial and market values into our projects - with the applications of the industrial process, creative talents, Capitalisation, and technology.

Public Welfare

On the 9th of September 2020, under the leadership of Shanghai Municipal Committee of The United Front Department, CY Films has launched “Film and TV Talents Support Project” (ICP: 53310000501779980DA2008) on “Tencent Charity” with Shanghai Overseas Chinese Foundation and have been receiving fantastic feedbacks ever since.


At CY Films, 60% of our staffs had worked overseas, 30% of us had produced more than 2 projects abroad, and 30% of our employees had taken on key roles of the creative projects in China. We, as a team, speak multiple languages including Chinese, English, Japanese. Our multi-cultural background has not only facilitates our passionate creativity, but also gives us the edge of over-seas production and distribution for our project.


Some of our projects were selected by the Venice International Film Festival (VR Section), awarded a “Crystal Bear” and “Best Feature Film” (Special Prize of The Generation) from Berlin International Film Festival, received a “Asian Future Best Film Award” from Tokyo International Film Festival, a “Media Choice Award For Filmmaker” from Shanghai International Film Festival, a “Firebird Award” from Hong Kong International Film Festival, a Nomination of “Best Directorial Debut” from Golden Rooster Awards, a “Best Film” Nomination of First Youth Film Festival, a Silver Award of the “CCTV’s Best Documentary of The Year”, a Script Development Fund from Shanghai Cultural Development Foundation, and a “Special Honour Award” from the SIFF NEXT program of Shanghai International Film Festival, etc.

Our Three Departments

.The Department of Development is keen on developing unique projects with   aesthetic touch on social issues, while expending investment opportunities for young filmmakers with ambition.

Scripts with originality and vitality were developed with the respects of their creators’ creative freedom and independence. We believe films can not only relate to the general public, but also to an individual’s belief system; not matter if they are main-stream or artistic, commercial or niche. We will be the passionate and insistent champion for the project we support.

By December 2020, we have collected over 115 scripts from all over the country from Festivals, internet submissions and from companies like ours. Most of the stories and in the genres of “crime” and “comedy”. At this moment, there are 9 projects we are keeping track of, 5 signed projects in incubation, and 3 more with awards from various festival and enabling funds from countless foundations.

.The Department of Production minimise the cost of projects and optimise the content with "refined project management", while providing production solutions for producers around the world in the forms of production coordination, shooting management, post-production quality control, publicity and distribution planning, investment and financing, and financial supervision.

The Department of Creative Process has a matured, industrial production level from filming, actors, art, to mid-term photography, DIT, and post-editing, color correction, and so on. At the same time, we have a large quantity of excellent creative teams and suppliers in China. Since 2017, we have cooperated with hundreds of studios and individuals. We firmly believe that excellent creative projects require a broader attitude and mindset of cooperation, and the use of the best production team is the guarantee of presenting high-quality works.

Our long term costumers include Nutrilite, Shanghai Science and Technology Association, Shanghai Electric Group, Shanghai exploration and Design Institute, JUNLEBAO, Mengniu Group, Yili Group, Heran Organic, Panglebao, Xinglongken, Youran Neolac, Biolay, Zhizhen Organic, Guohuan Exhibition group, qiaoshui fund, Fudi, Lvdi Group, China Life Insurance, China Merchants Bank, ABC, Bohai Bank, Aijian Securities, Xiangcai Securities, First Venture, Shengshan Capital, Xiading Capital, Yanqi Investment, Purun Investment, Changjiang Futures, China Merchants Futures, Mainland Futures, Zhongyi Futures, Shanghai EFO Law Firm, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Fudan University Securities Research Institute, Bogen Finance, ADSS, Ronghang Information, Wall Street News, China Economic Internet, Nuremberg Exhibition, ATOM Global, Qinghe Technology, Yonghejiu Culture, Zhonghong Insurance, etc.

.The Department of Creative Investment is committed to expanding social capital and commercial connections.

After five years of our experience in data analysis and financing of visual projects in the media industry, we use our resources to connect social capital and commercial connections, to creative projects; While generating revenues for the investors financial commitments for the projects. In 2020, we set up athis department, which regularly hosts closed-door salons and send project assessment reports to investors in the industry. Our investment in film-and-television projects is not limited to films, episodic series, screenplays and project developments, we also includes IP derivatives involved of film-and-television, cultural real estate, global film exhibition, and brand linkage, etc.

How We Began

In 2013, Mathilda returned to China with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Finance in Japan. She served as the vice president of Asia Pacific District in a well-known financial institution in Singapore. During which, she found that the brand output of financial institutions is singular and limited, and it is difficult to be paid attention to by most investors. If the brand promotion channels can be rebuilt, it will be beneficial improving the marketing methods of many financial institutions.

In 2016, Mathilda received angel investment and opened MATHILDA STUDIO Film-Making, using film and television works to output the value of financial brands. After receiving trainings from Shanghai Theatre Academy, she directed and produced "Night of Non-Agricultural" – a documentary about a group of off-market financial derivatives practitioners in Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Tianjin in relation to the US Department of Labor’s non-agricultural employment data. It has received more than 9 million views within a month, leading to a number of   sponsors receiving unprecedented exposure and enhancement of brand value.

In the following year, CY Films was established through partnership and produced Webseries “Game Controller” and “Socra-cash”; Streaming Project “Z”; variety shows “TOP Analyst”, “TOP TRADER” and “Financial Intelligence Quotient Study; and talk shows with the likes of “MEETING Ray Dalio” and “Cycle – With Howard Marks”, etc. Mathilda continues to seek cooperations from other industries. At the same time, the production level of The Department of Creative Process has been improving with creative undertaking ranging from TVC, documentaries to cinema movies, experimental projects, original cartoons, etc. In just a few years, the company has achieved a balance between creative and business side of the production process.

CY Films was able to break-through the downturn for the film industry during the COVID epidemic of 2020 and produce excellent projects like “A First Farewell”, “One More Minute” and “The Current War”. At the same time, its Department of Development was established with strategic financing and has been the backbone for young, ambitious filmmakers.

For five years, CY Films has regained its vitality under the leadership of Mathilda - the founder who gave the financial and artistic flavour. Seeking the idea of freedom, independent thinking, our staffs believe in film-and-television works and independent. We believe that the preservation of the passion of visual projects, will create our own saga of films.

Body of Work

2022: "The Man Who Fought Ali" - (2019)Enabling Funds of Shanghai Culturial Development Foundation; (2020)“Special Honour Award” from SIFF NEXT Program For Young Screenwriters; (2020)Top 6 Venture Capital Training Camp Finalists of Shanghai International Film Festival - Production & Development, In incubation

2021: "Detached/Asunder/Disunite" - Production & Distribution, Filming

"The Current War" - Distribution

2020: VR Film "One More Minute" - Selected by Vinece international Film Festival (VR Section) - Production

2019: “A First Farewell” - “Crystal Bear” and “Best Feature Film” (Special Prize of The Generation) from Berlin International Film Festival; “Asian Future Best Film Award” from Tokyo International Film Festival; “Media Choice Award For Filmmaker” from Shanghai International Film Festival; “Firebird Award” from Hong Kong International Film Festival; Nomination of “Best Directorial Debut” from Golden Rooster Awards; “Best Film” Nomination of First Youth Film Festival;

2018: (Variety Show) "TOP TRADER" - Production & Distribution

2018: (Documentary) "Ray Dalio's Principles" - Production & Distribution

2017: "Game Controller" - Production & Distribution

2017: (Variety Show) "TOP Analyst" - Production & Distribution

2017: (Streaming) "The Secrets of Cain", "Z", "Devour" - Production & Distribution

2017: (Sit-Com) "Socra-cash" - Production & Distribution

2016: (Documentary) "Night of Non-Agricultural" Silver Award from CCTV’s Best Documentary of The Year (2016 Edition) - Production & Distribution

CEO/Leading Producer

Mathilda Shen

Bachelor of Arts & Master of Finance in Japan, Master of Philosophy from Fudan University, Member of Shanghai Youth Literature and Art Federation, Lecturer of Securities Institute of Fudan University. She is the former vice-president of the Asia-Pacific region of a well-known financial group in Singapore and is familiar with the capital operation of the Southeast Asian investment and financing market and art projects.

Body of Work: “Detached/Asunder/Disunite” (Filming), "The Man Who Fought Ali" (In incubation) [“Special Honor Award” from SIFF NEXT Program For Young Screenwriters of Shanghai International Film Festival],(VR) "One More Minute" [Selected by Vinece international Film Festival (VR Section)], "A First Farewell” [Special Prize of The Generation from Berlin International Film Festival, “Asian Future Best Film Award” from Tokyo International Film Festival], (Documentary) "Night of Non-Agricultural" [Silver Award from CCTV’s Best Documentary of The Year (2016 Edition) ], (Streaming) "Game Controller", (Documentary) "Ray Dalio's Principles", etc.


Rm 07D, Floor 7, Zhongjin International Plaza, 375 Caoxi North Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai, China

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